Online Free Bidding Site in India to Bid win Prizes in Auction

Welcome to Bidstall, One of The Best Free Online Bidding Sites to Bid and Win Big Prizes for Small Prices in the process of bidding and winning auctions. Here we discuss the different ways on How to get Free Bids, Half Price Bids and Free Bidding credits equivalent which is same as Free Bids.

3 Auctions are closign this week at 9:30 PM. Free Bids available on all the auctions. To know how many exact free and half price bids you have check out our online bidding page.

Free Gifts on Offer
Free 4G  USB Pen Drive when you buy a Rs 2999 Bid Package.
Free 32G Micro SD card when you buy a Rs 5999 Bid Package.
Free Groovy Stereo bluetooth Headset when you by a Rs 8999 Bid packge.

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Pre-requisite to get Free Bids:

The pre-requisite to get Free Bids is that you are a registered member of Bidstall. Registration is Free. To get Free Bids you must Register at Bidstall. Bear in mind that multiple registrations are not permitted. After registering you can get Free bids.

A bid is an offer to buy a product or a service at that value. Bids can be in bulk or incremental. The process of placing a bid over the internet is called online bidding. Websites that facilitate Online bidding are popularly called online bidding sites. There are many such online bidding sites in India however the best among the lot is Bidstall, known for fair auction and transparency in bidding process. Auctions in Bidstall are Bid based and time based with certain level of restrictions on certain bidders. The wordpress blog of Bidstall is constantly updated with the latest announcements regarding Free bids on auctions.

Background to Free Bids in the Free Online Bidding Site Bidstall

At Bidstall, we believe in free bidding entertainment that can blend with our ongoing bidding fee online auctions. There are primarily 2 types for Free Bids out here.

Free Bids

Get Free Bids

1) Total Free Bids:

As the name implies, Total Free Bids means the total number of Free Bids you have. These types of Free bids can be used on Any ongoing or upcoming auction. You will not be charged a bidding fee for these bids you use from Total Free Bids.

2) Auction Free Bids

As the name implies, Auction Free Bids means the Free bids that are auction specific. You will Not be charged a bidding fee. You must use auction specific free bids on the same auction where you are shown certain free bids are available. You cannot use Auction specific bids on any auction of your choice, but only on the auction in which it is shown.

3) Variations of Free Bids

There are slight variations of free bids when you get Free Bidding Credits too. At Bidstall, we group this under Free Bids. For Eg: if you are given RS500 bidding credits, you can use these bidding credits on auctions with a bidding fee, however since you never really paid for this its as good as free bids. We can learn more about that later.

4) Free Bids deduction order

When you place a bid, our system identifies many things and if our system ascertains that you have both Total Free Bids and Auction Free Bids then our system first deducts Auction Free Bids. If you dont have auction Free bids, but have Total Free Bids, then total free bids are deducted.
For this reason its important when you get a free bid, make sure you use it on the auction with the highest bidding fee. Else it might so happen that while you are bidding to win the auction of your choice you might not notice that Total Free bids are getting deducted.
When you have exhausted both your total free bids and auction free bids, and you try to place bid, a message will prompt you that you have no balance, in which case if you want to continue bidding you have buy bid package of your choice.

Now lets see different ways to get free bids

1) Get Free Bids everyday on Free Training Auctions

Everyday at Bidstall atleast 3-4 Free Trainings are closed. In each Free Training every bidder gets 15 Free Bids. Each bidder can use these bids on any ongoing Free Training auction. Once you exhaust the free bids you pay a nominal bid fee of RS2.00 per bid. These are auction free bids and can be used on the auction only (Free Training in this case). Note that you cannot create multiple Ids and bid from the same as this will be seen as manipulation. Any user who creates multiple Ids risks all his ids being suspended and repeated offenders may be permanently banned from Bidding at Bidstall.

2) Get Free Bids on Auctions that are closing

Every day auctions other than Free Training close at Bidstall. Whenever an auction is put to closure we give out atleast 1 Free bid & upto 100 Half Price bids. You can use this auction free bids on that particular auction only. Its important to note that these auction specific free bids are not transferable to other auctions.

3) Get Free Bids on New auctions

At Bidstall, every new auction that is created comes with some Free Bids, usually its upto 2 per bidder. There is a restriction on the total free bids available per bidder. For Eg: If a new iPhone 5 auction is created, there is a possibility for upto 50 Total Free Bids split between 25 participants at the rate of 2 Free Bids per bidder. Note that 50 Total Free Bids is not for one bidder. Each bidder gets only 2 Free Bids, but 25 other free bidders can get to share it as well. This feature is to ensure each bidder gets a fair chance to win a prize of his or her choice.

4) Get Free Bids after winning any auction

At Bidstall, after you win any auction you get a Free bid along with different choice for the auction you won. When you win Free Training, you get RS50 bonus as well. You get a half price bid as well that we discuss later.

5) Get Free Bids equivalent by predicting the winning bid of Fridays auction on the facebook wall ot Bidstall

Every week on the Facebook Wall of Bidstall, all fans can take participate in guess and win contest. What this actually means is that after you like Bidstall on Facebook, you get a chance to predict the winning bid of the auction closing on Friday. If your prediction is nearest to the winning bid, you get upto RS500 Free Bidding credits that you can use on any ongoing / upcoming auction. Although a notional bidding fee is deducted, you never really purchased this, so its as good as getting free bids.

6) Get Free Bids equivalent by buying a Bid package

A unique feature of Bidstall is that you get Free bidding credits when you buy a bid package. Bid package can be purchased either in Indian Rupee or US dollar. The bigger the bid package, bigger the bidding credit. This is similar to getting bidding credits by predicting the winning bid. These bidding credits are added once the bid package purchase is successfully completed.

7) Get Free Bids equivalent by referring a friend who tops up

One of the less known features of Bidstall is the ability for you to get free credits when you refer a friend. Note that after you refer a friend, the friend you referred should login and buy a bid package. Once this is completed, you get RS100 free bidding credits. There are certain restrictions here, like you cannot refer yourselves, you cannot refer family members and so on. Make sure to check the relevant page that allows to you refer a friend.

8) Get Free Bids equivalent by writing a review

Lastly at Bidstall, you get Free Bids by writing a review about your bidding experience. If your review is accepted we give you RS100 Bidding credits which is equivalent to Free bids. Note that bidders who only write reviews for the sake of Free bids and credits without winning auctions are misusing the privileges we offer. So at Bidstall such reviews from users are generally not entertained, however we do accept reviews from users who have won at least one auction other that Free Training.

9) A Final Note regarding Free Bids

Finally, we want to reiterate that you should use Free Bids at the Free Online Bidding site Bidstall judiciously. It may not be possible to win top auctions like ipad, iphone 5, SLR cameras, mobiles or any item just by placing free bids due to sheer competition. Constructing strategies on top of Free bids is very important to win auctions. While there are instances of winners winning top auctions like Laptop just by free bids, other auctions may cost money. However there are lots of users who have won iPads, iPhones by using Free Bids on top of purchased bid packages. Its possible to save upto 98% on an iPad worth RS40000 as a user has done it. However Free Training is Free and a majority of bidders save upto 100% and You can see all Free Bidding Winners in our winner galley.

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Apple iPhone 5S Features and price in India

Apple iPhone 5S Features and price in India

Apple iPhone 5S is the improved iphone launched alongside iphone 5C. This model is slightly expensive compared to iPhone 5C because of the that iPhone 5S has. See differences between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The price of a 16GB model in india is around 49k. The price is slightly more due to various factors like import duty & currency. However a cheaper but a brand new iphone is available at Bidstall. To win and get a cheaper iphone visit .

win iphone in india

Win an iPhone in India

With its remarkably thin, light and chic design, this Apple iPhone 5S is everything you need from a smartphone. Using iOS 7 and A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, the Apple iPhone 5s cell phone shows impressive performance and graphics, helping you with improved efficiency. Moreover, designed with a 4-inch Retina display, the smartphone offers you an enhanced view of the content. Plus, there is a 1.2 MP front-facing camera and an 8 MP rear-facing camera on this Apple iPhone, providing you great and impressive visual experience while capturing all special and funny moments with family, friends and colleagues. With a 16 GB on-board memory on this smartphone, you can store a lot of your important data without bothering about the space. The Apple iPhone 5s cell phone can film 1080p HD videos, so you won’t miss anything. What’s more, you have fingerprint sensor built into the home button on the smartphone, helping you to protect your identity. Also, the device is Wi-Fi-enabled, letting you interact and network with the world over the Internet. Additionally, supporting most modern-day communication needs, this Apple iPhone is a multifunctional smartphone that delivers impressive features and magnificent experience.

Forward thinking
iPhone 5s is purposefully imagined. Meticulously considered. Precision crafted. It’s not just a product of what’s technologically possible. But what’s technologically useful. It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next.

The most advanced technology all leads up to this.
iPhone 5 set a precedent, with an amazing amount of technology in a remarkably thin, light design. iPhone 5s builds on that achievement with Touch ID — a fingerprint identity sensor. An A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. An even more impressive iSight camera. And ultra-fast wireless.

ios 7. designed to complement iphone 5s beautifully.
iPhone 5s is the first 64‑bit smartphone in the world. And iOS 7 was designed with that in mind, built specifically for 64‑bit architecture. Which makes iOS 7 just as advanced as the iPhone it’s on.

A beautifully crafted phone deserves a beautifully crafted case
The iPhone 5s Case is precisely designed to fit iPhone perfectly. Made from premium leather, it looks elegant and feels luxurious. And inside, a soft, colour-matched microfibre lining helps protect your iPhone 5s.

Powerful apps included.
Every new iPhone comes with better-than-ever versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. So you can be creative and productive right from the start. You also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, making FaceTime calls — there’s even an app for finding new apps.

Technical Features
General  : 3G Data Capable, 4G Data Capable, A-GPS, Alarm, Automatic Redial, Bluetooth Enabled, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Conference Call, Currency Converter, Document Editor, Document Viewer, Email, FM Player, Flashlight, Flight mode, GPRS, GPS, HD Recording, Hands Free Options, Handwriting recognition, Integrated speakerphone, Internet Browser, MMS (Multimedia messaging), Maps, Multitasking Capability, Music Player, Primary camera, Reminder, SMS, Secondary camera, Speakerphone, Speech recognition, Speed dial, TV-out (via MHL A/V link), Timer, To-Do, Touch Screen, Unit Converter, Vibration, Video Call, Video Player, Video/Sound Recorder, Voice Mail, Voice Recognition, Voice Recorder, Voice memo, Web Browser, Wi-Fi Capable, World Clock
Multimedia : FM Radio, Integrated Digital Camera, MP3 player, MP3 ringtones, MPEG4 video playback, Picture editor, Video Capture, Video Player, Video Recorder, Voice recorder
Organizer  : Alarm clock, Business card exchange, Calendar, Handwriting Recognition, Personal Information Management
Camera     : Auto Focus, Built In Flash, Digital Zoom, HD Video Capture (1080p), HD Video Capture (720p), Video Capture Capability

Memory  : Built-In Memory
Audio   : 3.5 mm Stereo jack, Built in Speaker, Headphone Jack

Nokia Lumia 525 Features and description

Nokia Lumia 525 Windows 8 OS , 1 GHz , 8GB Internal Memory , 5 MP HD Cam
Description : Get a new understanding of quality and efficiency with the black Nokia Lumia 525 cell phone. Made to bring you satisfaction in exploring your mobile world, it allows you to sync your tablet, phone and computer on Microsoft SkyDrive. Moreover, this smartphone operates with the stable Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and offers you all the applications you may need nowadays, such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its dual-core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor makes multiutasking a breeze so you don’t have to worry about indulging in different things at the same time.

Features at a glance

On the other hand, the 5 MP camera of this Nokia Lumia provides you with the opportunity to save the memorable moments of your life in the 8 GB internal memory. If you run out of space, you can always add another micro SD card and store all the data you need. Unlocked to all carriers, this Nokia Lumia follows the aesthetic taste of the brand, impressing with its glossy yet stylish design and business-like outlook. Made to fit your hand, not the other way around, it offers you efficiency without making it looking cheap. Equipped with the Super sensitive touch technology, this smartphone makes accessing your data, playing or just browsing around a pleasure. Furthermore, the improvement of 1 GB of RAM in this Nokia Lumia is another plus, which, combined with the 4-inch screen allows you to dive in all the gaming action you can handle. Altogether, Nokia Lumia 525 cell phone is for those users who demand excellence, offered in a modern looking and effective way.

Brief Technical Specs

Brand   : Nokia
Model   : 525
Capacity: 8 GB

Family : Nokia Lumia
Type   : Smartphone
Band   : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband), WCDMA (UMTS) 900/2100
Style  : Bar
Screen : 4 in.
OS     : Windows Phone
Display: IPS LCD

Where to win a Nokia Lumia 525 ?

The easiest way to win a nokia Lumia 525 is to do in .

Steps to win a Nokia Lumia 525 :

1) Register at Bidstall

2) Buy a Bid package to place bids. Alternately see how to get free bids at

3) Place many unique bids and reach 1st position and win nokia lumia

Indian Bidding Site with Free Bids to win auctions

Welcome to the best indian bidding site with free bids to win auctions by placing unique bids. Here bidders save upto 95% or even more on reverse auctions online.

The following new auctions are now live

1) Sandisk SDHC card has 2 Free bids. This auction is closing on March 17th at 21:30 IST2) Rs 500 bids bank has 4 Free bids. This auction is closing on March 19th at 21:30 IST
3) Portable Led projector has 1 Free and 25 Half price bids. This auction is closing on March 21st at 21:30 IST.

To learn more about Free bids check out


Free Online Bidding Sites In India with Free Bids

Welcome to the best free online bidding site in india. You have received many Free Bids on New auctions closing this week at 9:30 PM. 3 Auctions are closing and each bidder has got free and half price bids. They are

1) Rs 500 Bids bank on 10th March. 4 FREE Bids for all.
2) Sports Mp3 Player on 12th March. 2 Free bids for all.
3) iPod 4th Gen Shuffle on 14th March. 1 FREE and 25 Half Price bids for all.
4) Many Free bidding programs closing every day starting from 12:30 in the noon.

To learn all about free bids in indian bidding sites see

Online Bidding Site in India with Free Bids on New Auctions

Welcome to the best online bidding site of India giving Free bids to win some new auctions that have gone live over the weekend.

Following auctions are live now with many free bids and closing this week at 9:30 PM:

1. Sandisk SDHC card on Monday 24th Feb. 2 FREE bids for all
2. Rs 500 Bids Bank on Wednesday 26th Feb. 4 FREE bids for all.
3. Morphy Richards Cooker on Monday 3rd March. 1 FREE and 25 Half Price bids for all.

Visit for all other auctions with Free bids, half price bids and more.

Buy Bid Packages and get the following Free gifts too
Free Headset MP3 Player when you buy a Rs 2999 Bid Package.
Free 32G Micro SD card when you buy a Rs 5999 Bid Package.
Free Groovy Stereo bluetooth Headset when you by a Rs 8999 Bid packge.

Offer of Free gifts Valid till March 10th 2014.  Hurry and get your gift before its too late.

Genuine and trusted way to make money online by winning auctions

Did you Know ? At Bidstall you can make money online by bidding and winning auctions in the most genuine, trusted and transparent way. Just follow three simple steps

1) Register at Bidstall to play in auctions

2) Place bids, reach 1st position and win the prize.

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online Bidding and auction details at Bidstall. What is it ?

Now lets explain you what are auction details at Bidding website Bidstall and how they are different from previous auction and bidding details displayed.

If you are a bidder who registered prior to Feb 15th 2014, you would have used to the auction details where we used to show details about
1) Total bids
2) Non Unique Bids
3) Unique Bids

As we always aim to improve your experience we believe its important for us to show relevant details which will further enable you to plan your bid accordingly. With this in mind we are now showing the below instead
1) Bidders
2) Average Bids per Bidder
3) Unique Bids

1) Bidders is the total number of distinct bidders who have placed bids in the auction. For Eg: if 2 bidders have placed bids on iPhone auction with an aim to win the same, one from Bangalore & one from Delhi. Then total bidders =2.

2) Average bids is the average bids per bidder. For eg: if there are 2 bidders and one has placed 8 bids and another bidder has placed 10 bids then then
Total Bidders =2
Average Bids per bidder = (8 + 10) divided by 2 = 9

3) Unique bids is an indicator of the number of unique bids placed by all bidders combined in that particular auction.

Things to Note:
Bidders : Is an indication of competition. If there are 10 bidders it doesn’t necessarily mean all of them are serious about that product, however they have expressed interest. This is updated every 10 seconds
Avg Bid per bidder : Is an indicator of how many bids on an average it takes for you to reach 1st position. if average bids = 8 that implies it may take at least 8 bids to reach 1st position. Sometimes it can be less or more depending on when you started to bid. This is updated every 5 seconds
Unique Bids : Is an indicator of how many unique bids are placed in that auction. This value is updated every 5 seconds.

As always our aim is to improve auction and bidding experience. Feel free to write to us if you have any queries or feedback.

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Get a Free Nokia Lumia Today in 3 Steps by bidding

Are you looking for genuine and trusted way to get a Free Nokia Lumia smartphone today ? Just follow the below steps to get a Free Nokia Lumia.

Follow the below genuine and guaranteed steps to get a Free Nokia Lumia.

Step 1) Register at online Free bidding Site Bidstall which gives lots of Free bids.
Step 2) Use the Free bids to bid on Nokia Lumia. As of today you have 1 FREE and 75 Half Price Bids.
Step 3) Place highest unique bid closest to the maximum price. When countdown timer reaches zero if your bid is highest and unique you get the Nokia Lumia shipped Free.

New Free Bids To Bid Online in India On Auctions

Live now, 4 new auctions online with free bids for you to win prizes right here at Bidstall.

1) Another Samsung Galaxy S4. 2 Free bids for first 50 bids.
2) Universal Tripod  with 2 FREE bids for all.
3) Rs 500 bids bank  with 4 FREE bids for all.
4) iPod 4th Gen Shuffle with 1 FREE and 25 Half Price bids.

Bidstall Registration

New Restrictions:
1) All bidders who have won iPod 4th Gen Shuffle now restricted, so others can win this time around.
2) Previous 3 winners restricted on Rs 500 bids bank.
3) Previous winner restricted on Tripod.

There are many ways to get free bids to win prizes online for free. Check out the section online bidding site with free bids to know about the types of free bids you can get after registration.